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Receiving & Pre-Processing

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Source separated organic feedstock is delivered to the site by commercial haulers. Incoming organics are weighed and categorized, then directed to the Receiving Building where the organics are dumped on the enclosed tipping floor. Here the material is visually inspected and obvious contaminants are removed.

Shear Shredder.jpg

The organic material is then loaded into a coarse shear shredder for size reduction and then onto a conveyor belt for magnetic removal of ferrous metals, across a star screen for removal of oversize material and past an inspection station for removal of other contaminants.


The feedstock is discharged into a holding bunker. Over 90% of the oversized materials removed by the star screen are cardboard, box board, or wood which are conveyed to a shredder. The shredded materials are discharged into a separate holding bunker for use as bulking materials.Additional bunkers for homogeneous organics and amendment materials are also provided in the Receiving Building.


Leaf and yard waste received during spring and autumn cleanups and oversize tree waste are received on an asphalt pad and stored outside. These materials are periodically ground and gradually introduced in the compost process as amendment materials.