ADI International (PEI)

ADI International was awarded the prime contract to design, build and operate the Central Compost Facility in Brookfield, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The facility was designed to process 30,000t of source separated organics per year into Category A compost. Feedstock includes municipal solid waste and industrial organic wastes from across the province. Paramount concerns of the owner, Island Waste Management Corporation (IWMC), were odour control and groundwater protection. The project was constructed on a 27ha site of former farmland along Highway No. 2 approximately 15km west of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

Containerized composting technology was selected as the most effective solution for compliance with the requirement for in-vessel composting and the stringent environmental requirements related to odour control and groundwater protection. The process utilizes forced ventilation with treatment of ventilation air for odour reduction. There are 52 stainless steel-lined containers with a capacity of 22t per container, making this one of the largest containerized composting facilities of its kind.

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